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$20K-$2 Million Now Available For Restaurants of All Sizes

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Our Restaurant Funding Network Has Secured Over $200 Million In Funding For Restaurants of All Sizes...

Get access to the best funding you can possibly qualify for, including unsecured credit lines and low interest unsecured cash loans. Draw against your credit lines as often as you like, and use our cash funding program for any purpose.​

Trusted By Thousands of Restaurant Owners

And Chefs Nationwide

Get Instant Access To Funding

We help restaurant owners, chefs, restaurant managers, and more secure quick funding

as a solution to the problem of rejection and restrictions on funding for restaurants,

and the difficult approval process of traditional lending.


Unsecured Loans and Lines of Credit
Up To $2 Million.


Quick Funding With

No Upfront Costs or 

Revenue Requirements.


No Restrictions. 

Funding Can Be Used For Any Purpose.


Find Out Your Funding Options Without Any Cost or Impacting

Your Credit.

Find Out Your Funding Options With Our Simple

Step By Step Process



4 Simple Steps To Get Funding

1. Check Your Credit

Check your credit at a credit monitoring site that uses all 3 credit bureaus, preferably at

This will NOT affect your credit score. This step is only to determine how much funding you qualify for. A minimum of 700 credit is required to qualify for funding. If you do not meet the credit requirements, co-signers are welcome.

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2. Email Us Your Credit Report

Email us your credit report or credit monitoring service login (with all required login info) to


Must be the FULL credit report and not just the credit score summary or overview.


Please make sure to include your name, phone number, and funding amount that you are requesting for your restaurant.

If you need help with this step, feel free to give us a call, and we'll walk you through the process.

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3. Consultation With Funding Manager

Find out what kind of funding you qualify for and the amount.


Upon qualifying, one of our restaurant funding managers will contact you to discuss your best funding options. Your options might include funding ranging from traditional, to revolving lines of credit (which typically have an intro interest rate of 0%), to low interest unsecured cash loans, and more.

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4. Get Funded

Your restaurant funding manager will now walk you through our quick and simple funding process, step by step.


We'll get you an approval typically within 1-2 days.


Most banks will close in about 2 weeks.

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The Funding Process

and How It Works

It's Time To Get Funding!

Once you submit your credit report, our underwriting team will quickly evaluate your situation, and come up with funding options using our Restaurant Lender Matching System.


This powerful automated system will match you with the right lenders and outline

the top funding offers that you can qualify for.

Finding Out What You're Qualified For Does NOT Affect Your Credit in Any Way.

Once we know what you're qualified for, your personal funding manager will then discuss your options with you and walk you through our simple application process.

Once you're approved, you will typically have access to your funds within 1-2 weeks.

Some banks will close as quick as 2 days, depending on the bank and their process.

QUICK Approval & Funding Within Days... 


NO Upfront Costs

NO Collateral Required

NO Minimum Time in Business

NO Minimum Revenue Requirements

NO Business Plan or P & L Statements Required

NO Restaurant Tax Returns or Financials Required

NO Restrictions On Use - Funding Now Available For Startups Too!

$20,000 to $2 Million Now Available For
Restaurants of All Sizes

Up To A 99% Approval Rate For Those Who Qualify


We Don't Work For The Banks


We Work For YOU 


To Get You The Absolute Most 

Restaurant Funding Possible...


We Can Help You Get Up To 20X What You Can Obtain On Your Own,

With Our Select Group Of Promising Lenders...


Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Let Us Submit Your Application To Our Network of Restaurant Lenders;

Lenders That We Have Worked With For YEARS...



It's the knowledge and the bank relationships we have that make our powerful accumulative funding process possible, not the actual task of

just submitting applications for you.

We know exactly what type of funding to apply for and specifically in what order,

to avoid declines and unnecessary inquiries that will ruin your credit.


We know which banks use which servicing companies and their exact guidelines;

guidelines they don't advertise to the public.

You Should Never​ ​Attempt​ ​To​ ​Apply For​ ​High​ ​Limit​ ​Funding​ ​On​ Your​ ​Own.

You May​ End​ ​Up​ ​With​ ​Lower Limits,​ ​

Less​ ​Approvals,​ ​More​ ​Inquiries,​ ​and​ ​More​ ​Shut​ ​Down​ ​Accounts.





UP TO $20,000 to $100,000 IN FUNDING.

We Know Which Banks Will Say YES and Which Will Say NO

1.) We have crucial back-end information and requirements that are not available to the public.

2.) We know which cities and states each financial institution will lend to (not all banks lend in all areas).

3.) We know how many inquiries each financial institution will allow. If you have even just one more inquiry

than they allow (even with an 800 credit score) you will be declined.

4.) Because of the inquiry sensitivity, we know in which order each app needs to be submitted first.

5.) We also know which banks ONLY run a soft credit pull (one that doesn't show on your credit report).

6.) We know exactly what banks match your credit profile (how many open revolving accounts are required, balance ratios preferred by the banks, and more...)


  • Restaurant Funding For Restaurants of All Sizes (Including Start-ups!)

  • No Collateral Required!

  • No Minimum Time in Business!

  • No Minimum Revenue Requirements!

  • No Hassle Funding (No Business Plan, P & L Statements, Restaurant Tax Returns, Financial Statements, or Restaurant Bank Records Required! - 100% Hassle-Free Restaurant Funding Available!)

  • Revolving Unsecured Credit Lines With Low Interest!

  • Restaurant Cash Loans With 5-10 Year Terms and Low Interest Rates!

  • New Funding Program For Chefs and Restaurant Managers Who Want To Open Or Buy Their Own Restaurant!

  • Qualify For Up To 20X The Funding That You Can Get On Your Own At The Bank!

  • No Upfront Costs - If We Don't Get You Funding, We Don't Get Paid! - No Hidden Costs!

  • Quick Approval Within 1-2 Days - Funding Within 1-2 Weeks or Less!



Frequently asked questions

What Kind of Funding Do You Offer?

Our two main restaurant funding programs consist of cash loans and revolving lines of credit

for existing restaurant owners or start-ups. We also have a funding program for chefs and restaurant managers who want to open their own restaurant.

How Much Funding Can I Qualify For?

Funding is typically available from $20,000 to $2 Million.

Funding amounts vary based on several factors.

We maximize your borrowing potential by leveraging our relationships and wide array of funding options with our 100+ restaurant lending partners, to get you the most amount of funding possible.

How Quickly Can I Get Funding?

We can get you a pre-approval within 24 hours or less, and depending on the amount of funds requested, it takes about 2-5 days for us to complete our submissions and get you approvals with good offers.

It then takes approximately 2-7 business days for the funding to arrive after the date of approval.

You will receive a clear timeline of your loan process, so you know what to expect.

Our step-by-step process minimizes delays, ensuring a smooth path to funding.

Are There Any Upfront Fees?

Absolutely not. Nothing is charged to our cients upfront.

Dining Boost does not charge an upfront fee, but rather a percentage of the funding that we are able to obtain on your behalf.

Our service fees vary from file to file, based on the level of work which needs to be performed in order to help secure your funding.

Our service is 100% performance-based. If we do not get you funding, we do not get paid.

When Will I Be Required To Pay You For Providing Your Funding Service?

We will provide you with written instructions regarding payment for our service,

which will be due after you receive your funding.

What Forms of Payment Will You Accept For Payment?

We collect our back-end success fee via several methods of payment, including:

PayPal, Credit Card Charge Authorization Form, Online Balance Transfer and Direct Wire.

Instructions will be provided at the time of payment.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Required To Obtain Funding?

Our standard program requires a minimum credit score of 700 (680 case by case).

Please keep in mind that more than scores matter. Clients who receive the most funding have credit reports that show they have at least 4 open tradelines (accounts), and have borrowed money responsibly in the past.

Can I Still Qualify For A Loan With A Bankruptcy On My Credit Report?

Yes, however, the bankruptcy must be at least 5 years old.

Is This Merchant Cash Advance Funding?

No, this is NOT a Merchant Cash Advance Program.

Our Restaurant funding programs offer low interest rate cash loans, traditional and revolving lines of credit, and high limit credit card funding with exciting terms.

We have more worthwhile funding options, and they are not merchant cash advances.

If you have had a bad experience with a merchant cash advance company or don’t want to pay outrageous interest rates, Dining Boost is a great alternative for those with 700+ credit, or a co-signer with 700+ credit.

We offer instant access to quick funding options with low rates and amazing terms.

Do You Have A Referral or Partner Program?

Yes, we do offer a referral program. If you know someone who needs funding for a restaurant, please contact us for more information on our referral process.

Can A Co-Signer Be Used When Applying For Funding?

Yes, if you have below a 700 credit score, a co-signer may be used.

Why Should I Work With You and Not Apply For Funding On My Own?

There are many reasons why you should work with Dining Boost instead of trying to secure funding on your own.

Here Are 5 of The Most important Reasons Listed Below:

1.) We Work For You!

We don't work for the banks. We work for you, to get you the absolute most funding possible; much more than you can obtain on your own walking into a bank.

2.) Get Up To 20X The Funding!

We help you get up to 20 times what you can obtain on your own, with lower interest, much longer terms, and FASTER. Most banks will take weeks just to tell you No.

3.) 100% Done-For-You Application Process!

We do all the hard work for you, and complete and submit your applications to our select group of restaurant lenders; lenders that we've worked with for years (Lenders Who Are Open To Working WIth Restaurant Owners And WIll Most Likely Approve You For Funding).

4.) We Know Which Banks Will Say Yes, and Which Will Say No!

It's our knowledge and relationships with the banks that make the funding process happen, not just submitting applications.

  • We know the banks and their EXACT guidelines (guidelines they don't advertise to the public).

  • We know which cities and states each financial institution will allow (not all banks lend in all areas).

  • We know how many inquiries each financial institution will allow. If you have just ONE more inquiry than a certain bank will allow (even with an 800 credit score), you will be denied and rejected.

  • Because of inquiry sensitivity, we know in which oorder each application needs to be submiited.

  • we also know which banks run a soft credit pull (one that does show on your credit report).

  • And Lastly, we know exactly which banks match your credit profile (how many open revolving accounts are required, balance ratios preferred by the lenders, and much more).

Applying for funding on your own can not only ruin your credit, but just ONE bad inquiry can cost you up to $20,000-$100,000 in funding - Why Risk It?

5.) 100% Non-Dilutive Funding For Restaurant Owners, Managers, Chefs, and More!

Due to the common difficulty in getting traditional funding, restaurant owners are often forced to pay high-interest and give away large percentages of their business in order to secure funding.

Dining Boost offers a 100% Non-Dilutive funding service for restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and more! You now have instant access to funding, without costly investors, or being forced to give your business away, just to get much needed funding.

$20,000 to $2 Million
Available For
ANY Purpose




NEW YORK, NY 10022

P: 1-800-655-0215  |  INFO@DININGBOOST.COM